Healthcare workers experience unique workplace demands and are at higher risk of poor mental health and occupation burnout than other occupations.

The ‘Future Proofing the Frontline’ project aims to:

  1. Work with Victorian frontline healthcare workers to co-design occupational mental health supports that they will value and will use;
  2. Understand the experiences of managers and leaders who are responsible for supporting the mental health of frontline healthcare workforce; and
  3. Make policy and practice recommendations that will ensure that the mental health needs of frontline healthcare workers are addressed and prioritised in future crises.


Please join us in the Future Proofing the Frontline study to develop better workplace supports for healthcare workers as they face the crises of the future. We want to talk with you if you are:

(a) a Victorian leader or a manager in healthcare – tell us about your experiences of supporting the mental health needs of your workers during the pandemic; and what you think organisations should be doing.
(b) a Victorian frontline healthcare worker – what does good mental health support at work look like for you? Help us to design the supports you need and would use.

Interested? Contact us for more information.

This study has been funded by a research grant from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Our team is led by clinicians and researchers from the following organisations